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I would be interested to hear from you if you own a sculpture of mine; I am currently compiling an archive of all of my sculptures since 1998, and all information is welcome! Please send me an email.


If you want it done right do it yourself Cloak Room Blooming Orpheus

Self Taught

Cloak Room



Element Of Wood Sculpture A Little Help for My Friend No Tresspassing Sound Bite

Element of wood

A Little Help for my Friend

No Tresspassing

Sound Bite


Sculpture Back in Tune Sculpture Violin Sculptue Education Sculpture Friendship
Back in Tune Violin Education Friendship
Sculpture In The Dog House Sculpture Ivresse Sculpture Melody
In the Dog House Ivresse Love at First Site Melody
Sculpture Partnership Bad Timing Sculpture Plagiarism with Bronze Sculpture Presto
Partnership Bad Timing Plagiarism with Bronze Presto
Sculpture Change of Skin Sculpture Private Lesson Sculpture self Portrait Sculpture self Taught
Change of Skin II Private Lesson Self Portrait If You Want It Done Right Do It Yourself
Sculpture Show Off Sculpture Siesta Sculpture stock Market Sculpture with Bronze
Show Off Siesta Stock Market Unzipped with Bronze
Affection Violin Electro pormises Sculpture Dialogue Sculpture Vertigo
Affection Violin Electoral Promess Dialogue Vertigo
Music Jack in the Box Perfectly Tuned Homage a Man Ray Improvisation
Music Jack in the Box Perfectly Tuned Homage a Man Ray Improvisation


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