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Sculpting, Delivering

and installing

"Will Power"

Creation of a 1/3 scale model of a famous "SNIP"

Commissioned Sculpture "Saxo" - The Sound of the Sea. 

Help for the Ragged Island -


Restoration and creation of a Player Piano "Bearly There"



Follow the YAYA in St. Barth

Sculpture "Ivresse Dominicaine"

With Driftwood from Dominican Republic

Sculpture "Spirit of Music"

Sculpture "SoundFlowers"

Sculpting in the Bahamas

Sculpting "Temptation Portoricana"

Sculpture made of drift wood from Caja de Muertos, PR.

Making a Sculpture in the Bahamas

Sculpture 2022 by
Philippe Guillerm

Bahamas Sculpting in 2023

© Copyright 2023 Philippe Guillerm Sculptures

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